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Prison Break - May 30
Any good escape attempt starts by distracting the guards:
Bondage Anal For Druuna - May 29
Art by Serpieri. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Bondage Anal Detective Turning The Tables: Bondage Anal Her New Owner Likes Bondage Anal Bondage Anal: Sweaty Work Captured For Bondage Anal
Toilet Training - May 26
At first she balked at the supervision and the lack of a toilet seat to sit on. But eventually she did what was necessary, despite the three men leering at her from the bathroom door: Photo is from Taboo magazine (also available digitally via a Hustler's Taboo website membership). Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Slave Blowjob [...]
Modern Distressed Damsel - May 26
It's not so common for Sex and Submission to turn out classic-looking “damsel in distress” bondage photography, but in a recent shoot, they certainly did: However, unlike in the classics, this damsel actually gets stripped and fucked, which is what you actually wanted to see: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Drug Deal Gone Wrong Advice For [...]
Leashed At The Mall - May 22
These photos of a BDSM couple at the Staten Island Mall have been all over social media for the last couple of days: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Dog Walking And Slave Exercise New Puppygirl Muzzle And Gag Luxury Leather Bondage Gear With Golden Appointments Pet Lesbian On A Leash Leashed Girl, With Horrible Nails Collared [...]
Sex And Pain And Lubrication - May 21
Kaya met her Master at the airport. On the way home he was struggling to prioritize. Did he want food, sex, or sleep first? You get one guess: I pulled the skillet out of the cupboard and bumped into him when I turned around. He snatched me by the hair and threw me face down [...]
Cock Under Lock - May 20
More than ten years ago, there used to be a blog called “Cock Under Lock” that explored one man's submissive relationship with his wife. That's a long time ago and the blog's been deleted, but as I remember it, she mostly kept him in male chastity devices because she didn't like him wanking off to [...]

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Yoked Gorean Slave Girl

From Bondage Blog: "From Beasts of Gor: Thistle was naked, in a northern yoke and on a leather leash. The northern yoke is drilled in three places. The one Thistle wore was of wood. It was not heavy. It passed behind her neck at which point one of the drilled holes occurred. The other two holes occurred at the terminations of the yoke. A leather strap is knotted about the girlís wrist, passed through the drilled hole at one end of the yoke, taken up through the hole behind the neck, looped twice about her neck, threaded back down through the center hole, taken up through the other hole at the end, and tied about her right wrist. She is thus fastened in the yoke." (More...)

Bondage Crotch Ropes

From Bondage Blog: "These two lovely slave girls must be focusing all their attention on the sensitive anatomy covered by their crotch ropes. With a few gallons of water in those buckets (a pintís a pound the world around, so shall we say, perhaps 25 pounds per bucket?) all supported by one thin pussy rope, I doubt the ladies are thinking about anything but those few tiny square centimeters of pussy flesh under pressure between their legs..." (More...)

Krissy Lynn In Bondage

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "When you hear the phrase "on her knees" in connection with a porn star as famous as Krissy Lynn, you're probably expecting to find her sucking a dick. When you hear that the pictures are from Sex And Submission, especially. True, there are pictures like that in the set. But we bring you three views of Krissy Lynn on her knees, being collared, and in rope bondage, but without any sucking..." (More...)

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black leather bunny bondage hood

Black Rabbit Hood:
The Black Rabbit Hood is a top quality black leather bondage hood. This animal face hood is hand crafted from premium black and red garment leather by highly skilled seamstresses. The Black Rabbit Hood is both sexy and scary. The bunny face conveys an expressive sense of mischief and mystery... (More...)

white bondage wrist cuffs

White Locking Wrist Cuffs:
These white buckling and lockable wrist cuffs are made of soft comfortable white leather. These elegant bondage restraints are two inches wide with a heavy D-ring for attaching ropes or chains. Look for the matching White ankle cuffs and leather slave collar. Perfect color for a kinky wedding gift! (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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