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The Electric Breast Press - July 1
For a proper breast punishment session, you need an electric breast press and an enthusiastic punishee: Art is by Depuceleur, from a comic strip called “Yubbies” if my memory of the vintage magazines is not failing me. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Pretty Blue Tape Gag Public Breast Whipping In Old Massachusetts Thumb Cuffs and Elbow [...]
Making A Bondage Rope Strap-On Harness - June 30
Artemisia Femmecock has made a detailed tutorial for using rope bondage skills to make a harness for wearing a strap-on dildo. This could be handy, especially since manufactured strap-on harnesses aren't cheap. It's also sexy, especially if you've already got a rope fetish going on, as who here does not? The video is fun to [...]
Suck Amenity - June 30
Every gentleman with a well-appointed home needs one of these blowjob cabinets to house his suck amenity: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Shot And A Blowjob Public Amenity The Dungeon Amenity Dive Bar Toilet Amenity: Suck Slave Chained In The Blowjob Closet
Endurance Sybian Rider - June 29
Sexually Broken describes the famous Sybian as: Quite simply: the world's most powerful vibrator. It sounds like a jet engine taking off. Once a pussy is placed on it, that pussy will cum. Over and over. For as long as we desire, if the electricity stays on. Amy Faye looks pretty game in this first [...]
ISIS’s Naked Slave Markets - June 28
Erosblog had a post recently discussing a UN official who told a salacious tale about ISIS selling women from captured towns naked in local markets: Filling an idle moment with TV punditry, I came upon a United Nations bureaucrat attempting to describe the plight of women and girls captured by ISIS. She told a horrifying [...]
They Have Questions, She Has Answers - June 27
And all it takes is a little juice to get those answers out of her: Via Electrosex Blog. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Electrified Nipple Clamp Agent Noir Neon Wand Kit Neon Wand Accessory Kit Nikola E-Stim Vibrator The Neon Wand, Now With New Attachments Wired For Sound Electrified Nipples: Best Nipples
Vibrating Insertables: Mandatory - June 26
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Led By Her Nose Ring

From Bondage Blog: "If I have a minor little nose ring fetish I blame John Norman for it; the Gor books, for all their faults, got a lot of access to my erotic programming inputs at the age when those things are still malleable. It's been a long time now, but I think it may have been Tribesmen of Gor in which Tarl Cabot got himself captured by Arab analogs and his girls got fresh painful nose piercings in the slave pens, making it pretty tough for them to resist being led around by the nose after that. Decades since I must have read that book, but I see this photo of Lorelei Lee crawling after her nose ring on a leash and it's an instant flashback..." (More...)

Bondage Blowjobs Training

From Bondage Blog: "Pet Owner advises on the girl training required to get a proper bondage blowjob: Gentlemen, if you haven’t had a blowjob from a tied-up slavegirl, you just might not have truly lived. There is a great deal of extra effort required to properly please a man when a woman’s arms aren’t free or she’s otherwise contorted. That doesn’t mean she can get away with being slipshod about it, though. Take your time and have her practice until she’s better at serving you bound than she is rope-free. Anything you train her in is a thing worth her learning to do properly." (More...)

Bondage Crotch Ropes

From Bondage Blog: "These two lovely slave girls must be focusing all their attention on the sensitive anatomy covered by their crotch ropes. With a few gallons of water in those buckets (a pint’s a pound the world around, so shall we say, perhaps 25 pounds per bucket?) all supported by one thin pussy rope, I doubt the ladies are thinking about anything but those few tiny square centimeters of pussy flesh under pressure between their legs..." (More...)

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rope bondage butt hook

Anal Bondage Hook:
The Rope Master anal hook is a steel butt hook that is the ultimate tool when it comes to combining anal play with hardcore rope bondage. It has a steel ball on the end of the hook that inserts into the anus. The other end has a ring that the rope goes through. Once the ball-end is firmly inside the ass... (More...)

steel bondage cage

Jail Cell Bondage Cage:
The Jail Cell Stand-Up Cage is perfect for keeping a human captive exactly where you want. You can stash your prisoner, slave, or submissive in this very attractive steel cage and won’t need to worry about them escaping. Pefect for indulging your brutish prison guard / helpless female inmates bondage fantasy! (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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