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Nipple Access During Clothed Bondage - April 27
Sometimes there's no getting around it: her clothing is getting in the way of your fun. But there's no need to untie her, not when you can grab your handy safety scissors and just cut some access ports: Yes, very handy. From Hogtied. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Those Panties? Gone! Cutting Off Her Panties Friday [...]
Another Chained Christina Ricci .Gif - April 26
A different .gif of her famous chained scene in Black Snake Moan. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Christina Ricci On Her Chain Better Christina Ricci In Chains Christina Ricci In Chains
A “Felek” To Hold Feet For Punishment - April 24
An 1800s account at Spanking Blog about an official administration of bastinado or falaka (for selling tobacco mixed with camel shit) includes this description of a bondage device (called a felek) for holding the punished person's feet immobile: “You shall receive as many strokes on your feet as you have received shakies for your pipes. [...]
Heavy Right-Angle Cuffs - April 23
I have seen these heavy gleaming beauties on a few European fetish sites, but this is the first time I've seen them for sale at a place like The Stockroom. They're not cheap, but the Stainless Steel Right-Angle Cuffs look secure, comfortable, and really awesome: For even more restrictive wrist restraints, Rapture’s Right Angle Cuffs [...]
Pony Girl’s Cruel Bit Gag - April 22
I think this is John Willie artwork, probably from his Bizarre magazine. But it's possible I'm being fooled by a clever modern homage. In my imagination, her open-mouthed posture around the bit in her ponygirl headgear is the result of an unpleasant spiked metal burr in the middle of the bit, not visible: Elsewhere on [...]
Prison Punishment - April 20
By Part 5 of Predondo's Prison Horror Story from Dofantasy, the corrupt guards have gotten pretty elaborate about playing with their inmates: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Giving Them Blowjob Lessons You're Watching Slave TV KGB Interrogation, Comic Book Style Slave Cop Ass Ravaged In Paramundo
Bound By Helmut Newton - April 18
According to the National Portrait Gallery in London, this is a photo by John Swannell of Helmut Newton with Marie Helvin. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: He Won't Be Lonely More Man Ray Bondage Porn Man Ray Bondage Porno 1930 Bondage Rembrandt Water Bondage, Gor Style

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Mika Tan In Prison

From Bondage Blog: "Mika Tan has been in this prison before. So when she sees the two most brutal screws in the place coming toward her cell, she knows: this is going to be some unpleasant handcuffed rough sex. These guys are thorough and brutal and they like to humiliate the female inmates. Its not enough, for these guys, to handcuff a girl to the bars for a quick blowjob or a poke in the rear: Nope, they dont know where to stop. They don't see any need to stop. And by the time its all over, Mika knows, there will be prison guard jizz everywhere and she's going to be face-down in that nasty prison toilet..." (More...)

Table Bondage Spanking

From Bondage Blog: "Tied down like that on an old wooden trestle table, youd expect her to be in trouble, and youd be right. Now shes yelling; I guess that leather belt hes using hurts a bit. Good thing shes held firmly in place, eh?" (More...)

Buttfucked Bondage Twins

From Bondage Blog: "The graphic novels explore a lot of unwilling slavegirl scenarios. Every man in the world is surrounded by desirable, unattainable women. Fantasies in which they are attained, roughly and in every orifice, are normal. The comic Confiscated Twins Owned as drawn by Fernando realizes a few of them in brilliant living color, as two girls-next-door find themselves in the legally-sanctioned sexual captivity of a rather cruel young man..." (More...)

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leather wrist restraints

Leather Wrist Cuffs:
These premium leather wrist cuffs are made of black, red, or pink garment leather which is softer and more supple than the usual leather used in such cuffs. A heavy D-ring provides a point of attachment for rope or chains. Each bondage cuff is lined so that it is smooth on the inside, and reinforced to prevent stretching. (More...)

black nipple clamps

Black Nipple Clamps:
The Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamp from Spartacus is designed for serious breast bondage pleasure. The clamp tips are rubber coated, spring loaded, and adjustable, connected by an all-black chain. These sturdy clamps are easy to get on and off, while the rubber coating provides a relentless yet comfortable vise... (More...)

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