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“She’ll Tucker Herself Out” - July 26
We all love the Black Widow, but this is more in line with how handcuffs and metal chairs are supposed to work: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Maria Tortuga Tied To A Chair Oral Sex Chair Don't Ask? Are You Kidding? Prison Sex For Mika Tan Tied To A Chair And Whipped Handcuffed Asian Girls
Bad Day At The Slave Market - July 25
For a slave girl, any day at the market is likely to be bad, but this one isn’t going well at all: Artwork is a detail from Slave Auction by Faustie. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: On Their Way To The Galactic Slave Markets A Chaste Slave Auction First Girl: She Leads The Coffle He Cannot […]
Enjoy The Blowjob Chair - July 24
Here’s a well-detailed vision of the blowjob chair, aka the Electronic Visualization Assistant: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Simple Tie For Blowjob Delivery Gentlemen, Be Seated Automatic Blowjob Machine The Perpetual Blowjob Machine Buried In The Sand For Forced Blowjobs
Reluctant Lesbian Rimjob - July 23
This is the disgusted face of a slave who just said “Ew, no! You want me to lick what?” And, face or no face, this is what she’s doing three minutes later. Isn’t good bondage marvelous? From Whipped Ass, a Kink Unlimited channel. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Leashed Ass-Kisser Old Fashioned Submissive Salad Tossing Swirlie […]
Smart Talk About BDSM Limits - July 22
Anybody who has been paying attention has by now abandoned the comfortable delusion that the tools and rituals of BDSM somehow immunize the BDSM community from episodes of relationship abuse. Jaime Grant has authored a short collection of questions and insights she’s developed (in part at least, the hard way) for spotting when a BDSM […]
Joanna Angel “Bondage Essentials” Starter Set - July 20
As part of the XXXmas In July sale that The Stockroom has running for another week (through July 27) there’s a ton of BDSM gear on heavy discount (some of it basically at half price) and thus, some opportunities to score big savings while bulking up your toy bag. For a couple of years now […]
Her “More Lube” Face - July 19
Kenzie Taylor has a very expressive face, at least when something large and dry is slipping into her butt: From The Senator’s Daughter, a Sex And Submission shoot for Kink Unlimited. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Big Cock, Limited Lube A Gag For Kenzie Taylor Gagged Anal Surprise Slobber On The Dildo Bondage Sex Sensations No […]

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Buttfucked Bondage Twins

From Bondage Blog: "The graphic novels explore a lot of unwilling slavegirl scenarios. Every man in the world is surrounded by desirable, unattainable women. Fantasies in which they are attained, roughly and in every orifice, are normal. The comic Confiscated Twins Owned as drawn by Fernando realizes a few of them in brilliant living color, as two girls-next-door find themselves in the legally-sanctioned sexual captivity of a rather cruel young man..." (More...)

Steel Elbow Shackles

From Bondage Blog: "One of the big reasons I like steel bondage is psychological. There's the point of ridiculous bondage overkill, where you've got a girl restrained like she might be Conan the Barbarian on angel dust, and she'd still have no hope of breaking loose. Then, she knows that struggling is futile. I'd say, this shackling system from Infernal Restraints approaches that point..." (More...)

Woman Wrapped Like Meat

From Bondage Blog: "This Life Magazine article from 1939 stars a pretty young girl being shrink-wrapped using a new meat packing technology: the latex balloon! Proto-fetish at its finest -- the joys of shrink wrap, bagged girls, slave sacks, latex mummification and balloon fetishes, even the modern vacuum bondage bed, all to celebrate the greater glory of frozen meat and poultry! (Or, I guess, to give you an excuse to play bondage games with the pretty model girl your ad agency rounded up for the demo.)" (More...)

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steel bondage cage

Jail Cell Bondage Cage:
The Jail Cell Stand-Up Cage is perfect for keeping a human captive exactly where you want. You can stash your prisoner, slave, or submissive in this very attractive steel cage and wont need to worry about them escaping. Pefect for indulging your brutish prison guard / helpless female inmates bondage fantasy! (More...)

leather wrist restraints

Leather Wrist Cuffs:
These premium leather wrist cuffs are made of black, red, or pink garment leather which is softer and more supple than the usual leather used in such cuffs. A heavy D-ring provides a point of attachment for rope or chains. Each bondage cuff is lined so that it is smooth on the inside, and reinforced to prevent stretching. (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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bondage in leather straps for Ava DivineGinger Lynn in a bondage ball gag
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