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Big Black Friday Discounts - November 26
Like a lot of other retailers, The Stockroom started its Black Friday sale early this year, and is ending it late. Now through Monday (December 1) there are some big discounts on select Stockroom bondage and sex toys. Here are a few of the better bargains I spotted for you: Seven dollar nipple clamps, anybody? [...]
Pussy-Polished Chain - November 25
A novel twist on the old “making her walk a rope with lots of knots” game. I can imagine him saying as he swings his whip: “Get to work, you lazy girl! That rusty chain isn't gonna polish itself!” From Device Bondage. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Nowhere To Jump Floss Her Pussy Twice A Day [...]
Sticky Bondage Sex - November 24
Via Spanking Blog, some sticky bondage sex artwork: It's called Anna The Sex Slave by Mr. Penning. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Skin Diamond's Sticky Face Casey Calvert's Sticky Face Sticky Goo Capture Seven Years Of Bondage Sex Art Leashed And Sticky
Hello, Bondage Kitty - November 23
I saw this in a tweet this morning from The Stockroom, but it has been bouncing around on social media at least since 2010, when it appeared as one of several photos on Hello Kitty Hell documenting a Hello Kitty bondage-themed bedroom: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: "Hello Kitty" Ball Gag Pink Chastity Belt Simpler Jawbreaker [...]
A Lesson From The Book Of Pain - November 21
From the Book Of Pain, Chapter 22: 12: Then went she unto Alebeard, in his place of pain. There she said unto him: 13: “Verily, I came here to get my ass kicked.” 14: And he said unto her: “Thou hast come to the right place! Set aside your rainments, and enter within.” 15: Then [...]
Locked In The Cloning Vat - November 20
I'm not sure what is going on here, precisely, but it does not look like she's planning to let her clone-sister out of the vat any time soon: Update: Well, would you look at that! Dr. Faustus at Erotic Mad Science had the panel translated. Apparently the girl on the right is saying “You will [...]
His Bondage Fuck-Mummy - November 19
He tapes her up in exactly the position he wants to enjoy her in: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: The Mummification Machine Lotsa Duct Tape Kegadoru Victim Vacuum Packed Girls (And, Meat) Kegadoru For You - Shadow Slaves Bandages And Bondage

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Kiss My Ass

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "Looks like Bound Gods muscleman Rosario Faria fell into the trap of telling Dante to kiss his ass. Mistake! No matter how rough and tough you are, tied up is tied up. Dante's kissing Rosario's ass all right, but unless I'm misinterpreting those red finger marks, he hauled off and smacked it a few times first..." (More...)


From Bondage Blog: "There was a time when the empire was just one site called The bondage was at once simpler and more rigorous than just about anybody else's. Although continues to produce high quality bondage porn, stumbling over one of their oldest galleries is nostalgic. This recent example from Kinky Delight is what I'm talking about..." (More...)

Yoked Gorean Slave Girl

From Bondage Blog: "From Beasts of Gor: Thistle was naked, in a northern yoke and on a leather leash. The northern yoke is drilled in three places. The one Thistle wore was of wood. It was not heavy. It passed behind her neck at which point one of the drilled holes occurred. The other two holes occurred at the terminations of the yoke. A leather strap is knotted about the girl’s wrist, passed through the drilled hole at one end of the yoke, taken up through the hole behind the neck, looped twice about her neck, threaded back down through the center hole, taken up through the other hole at the end, and tied about her right wrist. She is thus fastened in the yoke." (More...)

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ball gag with o-rings

Deluxe Ball Gag:
The deluxe ball gag with o-rings is a simple, highly functional bondage ball gag. The black, non-toxic, rubber ball is flanked by soft, comfortable latigo leather bondage straps. The steel o-rings between the straps and the ball of the gag add flexibility around the ball, and multiple sizing notches allow a nice firm fit. (More...)

velcro bondage bedsheets

Velcro Bondage System:
The SportSheets bondage system includes a soft, velvety fitted bed cover with two nylon straps and a drawstring. Also included are four Sportcuffs with four anchor pads. The pads are Velcro squares that can be placed anywhere on the bed cover. The cuffs are then attached to permit a wide variety of light duty bondage positions. (More)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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