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A Leashed Wife, For Selling - March 21
ErosBlog has a recent post about the quaint practice of holding public wife auctions in Merrie Olde England. Apparently it was mostly about getting around restrictions on divorce, with a side order of being totally fed up with each other’s spousal bullshit. Usually wife selling was mutual and consensual and the “buyer” prearranged, but the […]
Bare-Breasted Bondage Adulteress - March 19
This vintage bondage adulteress exposed in a wooden pillory is from promotional photos for Starlet, a 1969 movie famous for being the first to voluntarily adopt the XXX label as a marketing device. Photo via Spanking Blog, where you can see four Puritans whip this sad blonde for her supposed crime of passion. Elsewhere on […]
Plugged Into The Bondage Orgasm Machine - March 17
How many orgasms can this electric device force out of our helpless bondage captive? Well, it’s basically a question of how many orgasms she can have before she passes out: Via Electrosex Blog. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Bondage Nurses, Electrically Interrogated Nipple Shocking To Make Her Talk Gagged And Nipple Shocked They Have Questions, She […]
Tina’s Bondage Defloration - March 15
Tina made the mistake of going alone to the wrong seedy bar. She wanted to pick up a man and lose her virginity, but not like this. She didn’t expect to be deflowered in bondage by a man who grabbed her in an alley and took her home in a trunk: He brought her right […]
Fucking A Chained Cheerleader - March 12
The following scene describes what it’s like when the corrupt manager of a football team promises one of his players that he can fuck a cheerleader if he plays well. And because the cheerleader in question is chained to a fence, neither the manager nor the player worries at all how the cheerleader feels about […]
Vintage Japanese Rope Bondage - March 9
A stick, a chair, and some ropes: this vintage Japanese rope bondage is simple-but-odd in a very traditional Japanese way.
Psychedelic Bondage Horror - March 7
I think this psychedelic bondage art from a groovy Italian horror fumetti may be the first time I’ve ever seen a skull placed to censor an otherwise bare pussy: It’s detail from the cover of Fumetti Folk #5. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Bring Me The Skull Of The Marquis De Sade Doomed Girls Chained In […]

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Bondage Spanking Bar

From Spanking Blog: "Cool, its a bondage spanking bar, for assembly-line spanking of tied naughty slave girls! And indeed, thats just what lucky fellow Mark Davis is doing: spanking the exposed bottoms of delicious models Jada Fire and Tawni Ryden..." (More...)

The Bondage Magician

From Spanking Blog: "Oh, to live the fine high life of an itinerant magician, with a kinky below-stage secret! Pretty volunteer from the audience, put her in the cage, make her disappear. Then it's time for backstage fun!" (More...)

Bondage On Demand

From Bondage Blog: "I like to showcase BDSM porn produced by (Their flagship bondage site was one of the primary inspirations for Bondage Blog.) Unfortunately, a lot of folks are hurting financially right now. So I'm adding a portal that offers you the chance to buy this stuff by the shoot: for a one-time, up-front fee (no recurring charges) you get access to the set of movie clips, stills, and streaming video that makes up one of the weekly updates for these normally subscription-only sites." (More...)

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rubber vacuum bondage bed

Latex Vacuum Bed:
The Latex Vac-Bed is designed especially for those in search of the most intense bondage adventure possible! By vacuuming the air from between two layers of 14 gauge latex rubber, the vac-bed immobilizes the person inside and produces an extremely restrictive and sensual experience. Sensory deprivation plus near-total immobility... (More...)

black nipple clamps

Black Nipple Clamps:
The Black Spring Jaw Style Nipple Clamp from Spartacus is designed for serious breast bondage pleasure. The clamp tips are rubber coated, spring loaded, and adjustable, connected by an all-black chain. These sturdy clamps are easy to get on and off, while the rubber coating provides a relentless yet comfortable vise... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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