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Doomed Girls Chained In A Terror Dungeon - July 15
Via Kinky Delight: The artwork decorated the head of a column called “Chamber of Horrors” that appeared regularly in a 1930s pulp magazine called Horror Stories. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Her Electrified Peril Make Her A Hawser-Mummy The Pain Master And His Incredible Machine Waiting For The Headhunters Fate Worse Than Death
Pretty Volunteer, With Regrets - July 13
Not for the first time do we observe that the pretty volunteer from the audience sometimes winds up in a bondage predicament that makes her regret her pliable helpfulness. Here the mad magician with the sword trick looks as if he’s going to wind up with a headless volunteer in a box and a pretty […]
Chained And Afraid - July 11
These three naked women can hear their captor coming, and they obviously wish he weren’t: The artwork comes from the 1970s comic Bizarre Sex #4, and is by an artist known as Krolly The Cat. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: The Branded Blonde Water Punishment For Home Invader Fearful Bound Blonde Three Pretty Prisoners Three Submissive […]
Bondage Bench Deep Throating - July 9
This is a perfect position for bondage deep throat blowjobs: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Deep Throat Bondage BJ Bondage Knob Licking Bill Ward Blowjob Art Bill Ward Bondage Blowjob
Loose Rope Bondage, Panties Half Off - July 7
This image comes from some coy vintage magazine cover that’s flirting with censorship, which explains why the rope bondage is unconvincing and why the “tied up” model has panties that are half wanting to fall off but our dude hasn’t bothered to strip them the rest of the way down:
And Who Shall Be Master? - July 5
One of the little humor blurbs from a 1901 newspaper sourced from Twitter proves that the game of topping from the bottom is hardly a new invention: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Clarisse Thorn On BDSM Roles She Likes Hemp Bondage Rope
Self-Adhesive Shiny Bondage Tape - June 28
For convenience, thrift, and fetish visual appeal, there’s really nothing that compares to a good handy sixty-five-foot roll of bondage tape, available in black, pink, or red. Bondage tape sticks to itself, it doesn’t stick to skin, and it can be easily unstuck, saved, and reused. The photo above is an old one that The […]

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Steel Elbow Shackles

From Bondage Blog: "One of the big reasons I like steel bondage is psychological. There's the point of ridiculous bondage overkill, where you've got a girl restrained like she might be Conan the Barbarian on angel dust, and she'd still have no hope of breaking loose. Then, she knows that struggling is futile. I'd say, this shackling system from Infernal Restraints approaches that point..." (More...)

Harem Girl Bondage

From Bondage Blog: "In my continuing perusal of the BDSM graphic novels from, my eye (and imagination) have been captured by the work of artist Ferres, whose CG slavegirls are smooth and curvaceous. In his Death In The Harem, the story concerns the use and misuse of the nuns and Christian ladies of the city of Constantinople, right after it fell to the Ottoman Turks..." (More...)

Bondage Nipple Biting

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "I don't quite understand why we don't see more of this sort of thing in bondage porn. There's many a man out there who never misses an opportunity to grab, pinch, or nibble on an exposed nipple; and what's bondage good for, if not for preventing those little automatic protective slappy motions that women make as unconsciously (and as necessarily, I'm sure) as they breathe? (Nipple biting picture is from this gallery at Public Disgrace; there are also movie clips." (More...)

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tall bondage collar

Tall Curved Posture Collar:
This tall curved costure collar (available in black or white) makes slouching impossible. The curve provides some room for the wearer's jawline, as opposed to the straight edge collars which compel the wearer to keep her chin up and head back. Strict bondage if worn for very long! Closes with locking buckle... (More...)

rubber vacuum bondage bed

Latex Vacuum Bed:
The Latex Vac-Bed is designed especially for those in search of the most intense bondage adventure possible! By vacuuming the air from between two layers of 14 gauge latex rubber, the vac-bed immobilizes the person inside and produces an extremely restrictive and sensual experience. Sensory deprivation plus near-total immobility... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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