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More Gamiani - March 16
A commenter asked if yesterday’s art was really from the 1930s, so I went to see if I could confirm. I found a watercolored version of the artwork from a 1940s source, and an uncredited but much larger (click for full size) version of the artwork, so the effort was not entirely wasted: Elsewhere on […]
Lesbian Bondage Strap-On Sex - March 15
Here’s something you don’t see every day: 1930s-vintage lesbian bondage sex art featuring strap-on fucking: It’s a 1930s illustration by Berthommé de Saint-André for the famous lesbian novel Gamiani. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Anus Preparation: Recommended Vintage Lesbian Bondage Lesbian Bondage Kiss Vintage Lesbian Chastity Belt Play
A Swordsman’s Captive - March 14
Whatever this poor pregnant woman did, the hatchet-faced samurai and his wife are not happy about it, and they’re none too concerned about her health or her baby’s welfare, if the whip in his hand is any indication: From an old Kitan Club Japanese fetish magazine. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Japanese Closet Of Pain Silent […]
Sex With A Gagged Cosplayer - March 13
Where better for a white slaver to snatch pretty girls than at a cosplay convention? The premise of Snatcher 2: Cosprey, a Dofantasy comic by Geoffrey Merrick and Fernando is: nowhere! Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Ring-Gagged Deep Throat A Pair Of Bondage Fucktoys A Bondage Fisting Learning The Hands-Free Blowjob A Game Of Suck The […]
Waldoing Jane - March 12
It’s not at all clear why the careful adjustments to Jane’s nipples and pussy must be made by remote manipulator (is Jane radioactive?) while she’s tightly clamped to an operating table, but such are the conditions of the work: Art is from the cover of Zordon: Il Caldo Corpo Di Jane. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: […]
The Day It All Went Wrong For Graziella - March 11
At first Graziella was game enough, when her man said “cross your wrists, luv.” But somewhere between the nipple clamps and the leather tit strap, it all started to go wrong: Photos are from fairly deep in the archives at Pain Toy. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Open Wide: A Dental Gag And A Big Mouth […]
Dungeon Of Whip Torments - March 10
Via Spanking Blog, we have this Italian BDSM stroke-book cover girl who knows (because her tormenter wears a hood) that she can expect to escape this dungeon alive. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be painless, oh no: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: A Von Gotha Whipping Sex On A Chain A Chambermaid In Shackles […]

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Bondage Cutie Spanked

From Bondage Blog: "First this wayward young miss gets wrestled into the bondage cuffs. Apparently the lecture phase of the punishment wasnt going well, because the ball gag goes on next. Ah, peace and quiet; now the lecture can continue. Finally, the actual spanking. Bottoms up!" (More...)

Toes Tied Interrogation

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "Shell talk. We have just the thing for, ah, encouraging her: Feathers! Booming villainous laughter as this evil scheme is set in motion." (More...)

Good Bondage Sex

From Bondage Blog: "I cuffed one wrist to the opposite leg behind her back, and then did the same with the other. Leaving her in a hogtied position. It was my fantasy to be able to fuck her throat like this. Then I put her on her back. This turned out to be a most excellent position for fucking. Shes basically holding her legs all the way back for you. It wasnt long before I was lubed up and slipping inside of her. My cock felt like kryptonite. And I alternated from fucking her real slow to pounding her the way she likes it. Some moments I was appreciating her wet pussy swallowing the full length of me. Other times I was fucking her so hard that she was near tears and gasping. Yet she wanted more." (More...)

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white bondage wrist cuffs

White Locking Wrist Cuffs:
These white buckling and lockable wrist cuffs are made of soft comfortable white leather. These elegant bondage restraints are two inches wide with a heavy D-ring for attaching ropes or chains. Look for the matching White ankle cuffs and leather slave collar. Perfect color for a kinky wedding gift! (More...)

deluxe leather bondage mittens

Leather Bondage Mittens:
These high quality bondage mitts are wonderful at containing busy hands and fingers. Made of fine garment leather over soft padding, each padded mitten has a large D-ring on a heavy leather buckle strap for cinching down on the wrist and attaching to multiple points for varied bondage possibilities... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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