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The Cage Of Breast Mistreatment - July 29
After something of a hiatus, it appears that regular updates are resuming at, with the first of the new installments featuring Elise Graves doing mean things to Mason Dixon in the dunk tank that's been repurposed as a cage of great breast misery: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Dowel Gag A Bucket Of Cold Water [...]
Christina Ricci On Her Chain - July 26
A .gif of the famous “Christina Ricci on a chain” scene from Black Snake Moan: Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Better Christina Ricci In Chains Christina Ricci In Chains
Tie Her Up And Check Out Her Parts - July 25
After you get a smokin' babe like Gracie Glam tied to your bed with her parts well-exposed, it's essential to carry out a very close inspection: From Sex And Submission. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Fun In The Stocks Allie James On Her Knees Tied To An Iron Bed The Bondage Gyno Doc Inspecting Tia Ling
The Hogtied Blowjob - July 24
It's not a comfortable position for her, but it's not like he's giving her a choice in the matter: From the illustrated novel Legacy, written by Geoffrey Merrick and illustrated by Gary Roberts. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: You're Watching Slave TV Gary Roberts On Forced Sex Bondage Deep Throat Hogtied Blowjob Jessica Jessica Jessica
Tied Up By An Indian Princess - July 22
One of the classic Ashely bondage pictures, featuring Our Heroine in the painful captivity of a stereotypical Native American Princess: Via Spanking Blog. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Capturing His Indian Princess Rawhide For Bondage Captured By Apaches In The Bondage Of "Indian Princesses" Whipping Red Gazelle
The Bondage Sex Bed - July 20
So many possibilities, once you've got her in bondage like this on your rough-sex bed: I always like the view from this angle. Images are from a recent update at Hard Tied. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Duckwalking Away From The Whip Unique Nose-Hook Gag Hanging Cherry Gagged With A Rubber Bone Hard Tied, With A [...]
Two Minute Head Start - July 16
This paintball course is a little bit different. The girls get a two minute head start. Every welt from a paintball is ten whip strokes, administered by the players after the match. She's motivated to run strongly and hide well: From Whipped Women. Elsewhere on Bondage Blog: Paint Guns And Buried Blowjobs Naked Bondage Paintball [...]

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Monica In Bondage And Butt-Fucked By Hillary

From ErosBlog: The Sex Blog: "In the current political climate this cartoon featuring Hillary Clinton whipping and strap-on fucking a well-tied Monica Lewinsky seems almost fresh again..." (More...)

Wooden Punishment Stocks

From Bondage Blog: "I think wooden bondage stocks, even simple portable ones like this pretty Pain Toy model is getting spanked in, would be a fun addition to the toybox. And from the look on her face, I suspect she needs something to keep her from putting her hands behind her..." (More...)

Bondage Blowjobs Training

From Bondage Blog: "Pet Owner advises on the girl training required to get a proper bondage blowjob: Gentlemen, if you haven’t had a blowjob from a tied-up slavegirl, you just might not have truly lived. There is a great deal of extra effort required to properly please a man when a woman’s arms aren’t free or she’s otherwise contorted. That doesn’t mean she can get away with being slipshod about it, though. Take your time and have her practice until she’s better at serving you bound than she is rope-free. Anything you train her in is a thing worth her learning to do properly." (More...)

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deluxe leather bondage mittens

Leather Bondage Mittens:
These high quality bondage mitts are wonderful at containing busy hands and fingers. Made of fine garment leather over soft padding, each padded mitten has a large D-ring on a heavy leather buckle strap for cinching down on the wrist and attaching to multiple points for varied bondage possibilities... (More...)

tall bondage collar

Tall Curved Posture Collar:
This tall curved costure collar (available in black or white) makes slouching impossible. The curve provides some room for the wearer's jawline, as opposed to the straight edge collars which compel the wearer to keep her chin up and head back. Strict bondage if worn for very long! Closes with locking buckle... (More...)

Delilah Strong gives us a pretty and enthusiastic bondage smileKeeani Lei or Delilah Strong strung up in bondage and sprayed with water hosesJulie Night in iron bondage brackets

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